Mike Dolbear - Lesson 2

Five Stroke Roll Through a Bar of Triplets

Ok, in this lesson I''d like to show you how to play the 5 stroke roll through a bar of 1/8th note triplets. I will be playing the roll starting with the accent so the sticking for this will be:


Basically the first note of the triplet will be the accent and the second & third notes will be doubled to 16th notes. Four of these groups of notes will make the bar. This will be played with a shuffle groove on the video with the accents moved around the kit.

The sticking for this is - (reverse sticking if you're left handed):


Aim to play the double notes of the roll quietly to create a soft rolling sound into the main notes of the fill-in.

Ok, if you watch the attached video you will see I''ve played the fill-in slowly at first and then up to speed with a groove.

Have a go at following my examples and then try and come up with some of your own!

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Notation from lesson 2